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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Barangay Bagna

Map of Barangay BagnaA.  HISTORY

             Between the boundaries of Panasahan and Atlag in those times, grew a tree called BAGNA. This tree serves as the monument that separated Atlag and Panasahan. After so many years several families settled and build their houses in the between the boundaries of the two barrios, to establish a barrio of their new community BAGNA. Therefore, Bagna is formerly part thus of both Atlag and Panasahan in the south and north respectively.

            According to Mr. Eugenio Estrella, Jr. the new barrio was not legally recognize until an official survey was conducted. At that time, the Tenyente del Barrio was Mr. Eugenio Estrella, Sr. and his staff is Mr. Gabriel Fernando, or well known as Kabesang Ambin, Bagna has two (2) sitios, Talabahan and Sulok.

            A chapel was built in the locality to enshrine the Holy Cross found floating in the river called Wawang Atlag. It was said that those who found it, saw the wooden cross slowly flowing against the current. It was retrieved and placed on the chapel’s altar. Incidentally, it is said that the chapel was constructed in the very place where the Bagna tree formerly rose. From among the local church leaders, the most devout are selected to oversee the maintenance of their chapel. Every year, they elect a new set of offices to carry out this devotion.

            Bagna has largely contributed to the prominence of Malolos. Fr. Gregorio Crisostomo, a well known priest revered for his legacy to the Roman Catholic faithful, was born here. Many other personalities have rendered their services and talent to both the church and government service circles. In those times, Bagna only consisted of some 520 families or a mere 2,926 residents, with women slightly outnumbering men, at 1,468 and 1,458, respectively. As of the year 2007, these figures have ballooned to a total of 5,427 residents, according to the NSO Census of Population.

            Its inhabitants are mostly into culturing and selling talaba, or native oysters, for which they are known for. Some continue to be farmers. The landed and entrepreneurial are fishpond operators..



Inocencio D.C. Villena  - Barangay Captain


              • Arnold N. Clavio
              • Alfredo E. Buenaventura JR.
              • Esteban A. Buenaventura
              • Virgilio F. dela Cruz
              • Burt C. Borlongan
              • Giovanni C. Trillana
              • Herminio L. De Leon





          • 5,427 as of 2007 Source: NSO Census of Population, 2007