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Monday, June 18, 2018

Barangay Balayong

Barangay BalayongA.  HISTORY

 According to the elders of this farming community, the name Balayong was already in place when they were born. References to the word elsewhere in the country, however, point to a flowering tree similar to the cherry blossom. In Palawan particularly, the balayong tree is celebrated for its beauty.

            Balayong of old Malolos was composed of four (4) sitios, namely, Balayong, Pulilan, Libo, and Balite. Old folks remember a small chapel made of bamboo and nipa hut erected on a lot owned by the family of the Lazaros of Sitio Libo. Their patron saint was the image of St. John, the Baptist, or San Juan in the vernacular. It was said that during those days, there were only a few residents in Balayong. So that during the feast in honor of the saint, the image is brought to nearby San Juan where the main celebrations are held. As time passed by, the people decided to permanently enshrine the image in San Juan. Because of this, it had become a popular notion then that Balayong was in fact a part of San Juan.

            History however attests that after the Filipino-Spanish war, Balayong decided to be separate and independent from the barrio of San Juan, especially in its religious and church activities. The elders of Balayong spearheaded this undertaking by taking as their patron guide the image of the Holy Cross engraved by Bartholomew Nicodemus in wood and donated by Marcelo Santos, a resident. Henceforth, it was enshrined in their chapel.

            During the time of Arsenio Castro, Balayong was only 144 families—379 men and 399 women or a total of 718 residents. Finally in the year 1930, the barrio of Balayong was formally installed as an independent community. Since then, Balayong’s men and women have actively participated in spiritual, economic, and political development of Malolos. With vast farmlands, the main source of livelihood of its people is agriculture. Others find their means of living through other occupations



Reynaldo A. San Pedro - Barangay Captain


    • Emmanuel C. Lazaro
    • Christian DC. Laquindanum
    • Oliver C. Santos
    • Gullermo S. Nicolas
    • Jaime M. Robles
    • Alfonso A. Dionisio
    • Zenaida DG Robles







  • 2,532 as of 2007 Source: NSO Census of Population, 2007