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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Barangay Balite

Map og Barangay Balite


            In the olden days of Malolos, Balite wass only a sitio of Barrio San Rafael, and was known as Malusak, because of its muddy grounds especially during the rainy season. Its roads have been known to be impassable when drenched by rains. As years passed by, inhabitants of Malusak increased large enough to be a separate community. Thus its denizens decided to become an independent barrio in 1883, especially after a strong typhoon levelled the community and destroyed their homes .

            According to elders, Balite’s name was derived from the way the Spaniards punished their captive rebels. It was said that Filipino soldiers captured in battle were tied to beetlenut trees, which were abundant in a sizeable portion of the area, with their arms bended tightly to their backs or in the native tongue, naka-balite or balite. When the Filipino Spanish war broke out in 1888, Balite became the infamous hiding place of the revolutionary forces of Malolos’ hero, General Isidoro Torres, due to its dark and thick forest cover.

            Balite’s faithful pay homage to the Holy Cross which is its patron and guide,



Lolita R. Gatchalian - Barangay Captain


    • Ma. Fe C. Bulaong
    • Liberty C. Santiago
    • Aladin SD Custodio
    • Juanito I. Robles
    • Daniel C. Valencia
    • Alfonso A. Dionisio
    • Zenaida DG. Robles



MYLYN P. PASCUAL - Treasurer




  • 2,425 as of 2007 Source: NSO Census of Population, 2007