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Monday, June 18, 2018

Barangay Bangkal

Map of Barangay BangkalA.  HISTORY


            A long time ago, this place was known as Parang, the vernacular for “wilderness” or “ forest grove”, and was part of of Barangay Matimbo. There grew a very tall tree known to residents as BANGKAL, where it derives its present name. In the north is a small sitio known as PAINUMAN because water flows freely in a well. Here animals drink clean water fit for watering plants and trees.

            As the lush natural endowments of the area was a welcome treat, residents grew in number and soon enough, some 60 houses rose before World War II. After the war time went on, more people flocked to Bangkal until folks decided to organize their own community. Thus, Bangkal became a new barrio, with its residents striving even harder to improve their economic development, social, livelihood, spiritual life.

            The people soon built a community chapel where even social activities are held. It was said that at the very spot where the chapel rose, the Bangkal tree of legend once stood. The story went further to suggest that from the same ground, a tree branch that resembled a cross was found. Barrio folks tried their best to fashion a real cross out of the branch. but however failed to make a perfect cross out of it. In fear of any bad omen from cutting the tree to pave the way for the chapel, the folks decided to have the mysterious branch blessed, and enshrined it in the chapel’s altar to become their patron, the Holy Cross.



Reynaldo A. Santos - Barangay Captain


        • Marvin S. Casim
        • Francisco A. Butcon Jr.
        • Cirilo G. Sudario
        • Juliet J. Fernandez
        • Edgardo H. Batica
        • Rosalinda R. De Leon
        • Michelle D. Cardozo 


CHAERRY D. CASIM - Treasurer


    • 8,803 as of 2007 Source: NSO Census of Population, 2007