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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Barangay Bulihan


Map of Barangay Bulihan

            Most observers would quickly ask, upon hearing the name of barangay Bulihan, if there are plenty of BULI trees there. After all, most places are derived from their historical relationship to nature or saints that the faithful look up to for guidance.

            In truth however, Bulihan did not derive its name from the Buli tree. According to local sources who knew the origin of the name given to Bulihan the real story has another novel twist.

            It was said that in the olden times, the barrio was well known as the center of what we now call as dry cleaning of clothes and clothing materials. But in those days, this process was done using a rounded piece of wood pressed heavily on clothes so as to straighten it, ready for wear. The elders of the barrio called the process pagbubuli.

            It is said that almost all heads of families and their wives make a living out of this traditional dry cleaning industry. And as time went by, the place was named Barrio Bulihan or the village of dry cleaners. However, as many continued to maintain pagbubuli as their main source of income, other forms of livelihood came in.

            Farming became a more attractive alternative, as the village had vast rice fields. Fish ponds also became a prominent business as demand for produce rose at the local public market. Growing and raising ornamental plants also offered a good source of income, as nearby barrios and towns frequented Bulihan in search of attractive decorative plants. Bulihan also produced professionals who were able to land employment at the town proper, and even in private companies in Manila.

            Bulihan’s predominantly agricultural economy had become more manifest in its spiritual life, as the local faithful had San Isidro Labrador, as their patron saint; celebrating his feast day every May 15.



Crisanto dC. De Jesus - Barangay Captain


      • Edmunda A. Santos
      • Domingo M. Giron
      • Emilia C. Batallones
      • Roden B. De Guzman
      • Jose Juancho V. Velasco
      • Luciano DG. Tumale
      • Rolando Q. Sison

Wilfredo B. Castro - Secretary

Eduardo DC Giron - Treasurer





  • 12,732 as of 2007 Source: NSO Census of Population, 2007


  • (O44) 892-9529