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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Barangay Caingin

Map of Barangay CainginA. HISTORY


            It was told that long before the Spanish missionaries set foot in the town of Malolos to spread the Christian faith, this barrio known already as Caingin, was already an existing developed community. The village was so developed that when Spanish missionaries that arrived in nearby Canalate came in 1580, the people of Caingin was already well organized.

            The village the Spanish friars discovered was once a very thick forested area or kaingin—the vernacular for an area where village folks get their firewood and other basic necessities. As time went by and more and more people settled in Caingin, this forest was gradually cleared to give way to more houses.

            Upon the people’s acceptance of the new Christian faith, they sought the guidance of their two chosen patron saints, San Bartholomew and San Roque. Every August, they celebrate a feast in their honor and thanksgiving for the many blessings they receive through their intercession. The old folks of Caingin refer to San Bartholomew as a simple fisherman, before becoming one of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ. According to religious historians, San Bartholomew grieved so much the death and crucifixion of Jesus that he prayed unceasingly for days until the Holy Spirit descended upon San Bartholomew, after the Lord ascended to heaven.

            San Roque was said to have been born of old parents and spent his life with the poor and the sick. He was known to have a faithful pet dog for a companion. He was prosecuted by the enemies of the church and was captured and died in the hands of the Lord. On the upper side of his head there appeared an inscription that read “For those who are affected with any kind of sickness just call for the intercession of San Roque and God will heal you”.

            Caingin today is a large and bustling community of 7,874 people. Professionals and skilled government and private sectors thrive here. Local businesses also give gainful employment and income to its people.



Jose C. De Jesus - Barangay Captain


      • Donata B. Mendiola
      • Alberto A. Cruz
      • Cesar C. Arellano
      • Edgardo C. Cajucom
      • Norman V. Sandoval
      • Manolito G. Mangaran
      • Fred L. Morallos

Glenn Kraggen M. Lopez - Secretary

Marilyn L. Bergonia - Treasurer




  • 7,874 as of 2007 Source: NSO Census of Population, 2007


  • (044) 791-6513