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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Barangay Calero

Map of Barangay Calero


It is noteworthy that a great number of barrios in the City of Malolos are devoted to the Holy Cross, including the barangay known today as Calero. This is a clear indication of the people’s reverence and faith in the most dominant symbol of Catholicism

For the people of Barangay Calero, this belief points to certain events that happened in their community, and influenced their history as a people.

It was said that the people of Calero found it inconvenient to travel to Balayong, particularly during religious activities. The community had later become more self-reliant due to increasing stability of livelihood, and decided to become a barrio independent of its mother community. Later on, the people of what is San Juan today followed suit, after the image of Saint John was said to have been found floating in the river. Incidentally, St. John was also the former patron saint of Balayong. And later on as the story goes, Balayong, like neighboring Calero, adopted the Holy Cross as its new patron.

The Calero chapel served as the center for the spiritual development and well-being of their residents. Their various religious activities served as the means towards greater unity and cooperation that helped spur economic and social development in the community. The task of leading and guiding their constituents rested on the shoulders of their leaders.

As time went on, the people of Calero were able to find new means of livelihood—from farming, fishing, and home-based industries to employment in government and private companies both within Malolos and nearby Manila. As tradition would have it, Calero’s elders have ever commited themselves to preparing the youth of the barrio as their future leaders. Thus, they see to it that the young ones are involved in various community activities. And with the guiding light of the Holy Cross shining upon the people of Calero, their good works would surely be rewarded with better opportunities for spiritual and economic growth.



Virgilio T. Dela Cruz, Sr.- Barangay Captain


      • Ireneo R. Nicodemus
      • Raymundo S. Galvez
      • Jacinto dJ. Dela Cruz
      • Arnulfo S. Cruz
      • Roberto T. Espina
      • Amparo DC De Jesus
      • Raul A. Estrella

Adelaida P. Dela Cruz - Secretaray

Ma. Victoria E. de Jesus - Treasurer




  • 1,131 as of 2007 Source: NSO Census of Population, 2007