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Monday, June 18, 2018

Barangay Cofradia

Map of Barangay CofradiaA. HISTORY


Barangay Cofradia is one of the youngest communities in Malolos City, having been once a sitio created out of two mother barangays—Mabolo and Bagong-Bayan.

In 1984, residents of Cofradia petitioned the Provincial Government of Bulacan, then headed by Governor Ignacio “Nacing” Santiago, to legislate the independence of the community as a distinct and separate barangay. Thus, Barangay Cofradia was created as the 51st barangay of the Malolos on June 9, 1984, designating 470,885 square meters of territory as its political jurisdiction.

Three-fourths of Cofradia originally belonged to Barangay Mabolo and the other quarter came from the Estate of the Archdiocese of Malolos (RCC Malolos) and was better known as Sitio Comfradia. 70 percent of the land was devoted to rice farming and the remaining 25 percent served as farmers’ home lots which they also planted with fruit bearing trees.

Almost 3 decades after it was created, Barangay Cofradia has grown and developed into a full-blown, urbanizing community. Through the able and dedicated efforts of the barangay officials that had led its people through the years of proving its worth as a separate community, Cofradia developed both its people and the needed physical infrastructures, such as roads, bridges and drainage canals. Electric power lines, telephone lines, broadband connections, and water facilities rose to serve the growing households in the community.

A water pumping station was also built in Purok 2 to connect every home to the central water district services. A number of potable deepwells were also strategically installed among 4 areas, which can be of use during water shortages.

Most households live in concrete and semi-concrete shelters. A Day Care Center and the Barangay Hall are both in Purok 2 where they are most accessible. The Health Center is in Purok 1. These facilities serve their constituents on a daily basis ensuring healthy mind and body of the people of Cofradia, particularly its young.



Celso B. Asilom -Barangay Captain


    • Jonathan S. Tamayo
    • Catalino T. Valentino
    • Ramon I. Tamayo
    • Mercedes T. Santos
    • Rodrigo L. Centeno
    • Lolita V. Acuña
    • Alberto DC Adriano




  • 4,853 as of 2007 Source: NSO Census of Population, 2007


  • (044) 662-0278