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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Barangay Caliligawan

Map of Barangay KaliligawanA. HISTORY


The name of this barrio was at first associated with the meaning in Tagalog, KALILIGAWAN, which connotes worry or reservations. It was told that non-residents of the barrio during the early days thought that upon hearing its name, means bad omens abide in the barrio, like bad spirits in land and also in the water. But in reality these are all false notions, because people in the barrio live happily, comfortably and peacefully. . If ever many foreigners have in their mind that Kaliligawan is really a disorganized area, it may be traced to the fact that it is formerly a wide forested area its river is irregular in its path, thus you will be misguided if you travel to the place, and will, lose your way. Thus they call the place Kaliligawan. But to those who are adventurous, it is a good and lasting experience to travel there by means of boat. According to old stories Kaliligawan was once a part of Namayan, but because families continue to migrate into the barrio, its population multiplied, so they deem it proper to separate from Namayan and become an independent barrio. From the very start the residents enshrined in their chapel the patroness Sta. Lucia. According to their beliefs their patroness is very kind and helpful in their needs. She is their intercessor before God for all their needs and blessings. They placed their hope for the future to her, since them, they have a very positive outlook for all of them. Fishing is their main source of livelihood. There are few who have small business like selling food items coming from the town proper. To all of the inhabitants of the small barrio, they are looking forward for a bright future for them and their children thru the blessings of God.



Eduardo C. Cabigao -Barangay Captain


      • Lucio C. Cruz
      • Ireneo A. Cabigao
      • Aurelio A. Dela Cruz
      • Manuel P. Calumpag
      • Zenaida R. Magpayo 
      • Eduardo C. Pacionista
      • Pepito C. Cruz Jr.

Rowena L. Cabigao - Secretary

Gilda R. Martinez - Treasurer




  • 342 as of 2007 Source: NSO Census of Population, 2007