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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Barangay Liang

Map of Barangay Liang



In 1698 when the Spanish friars occupied the town of Malolos the barrio of Liang was left with only two houses. The first gobernadorcillo of Malolos who sacrificed to save Barasoain and Liang is Don Sebastian Rodrigo. The first and original, settlers of the barrio are the Gatchalians and Alanos. The name Liang came from the name of a Chinese trader named LEE-ANG. This Chinese trader is the first who established a soap making factory near the bridge of the barrio. This name became famous and he is well-known in the barrio and neighboring communities because almost all of them are looking for Lee-Ang whenever they are buying soap for their needs. So, it came to pass that they named the barrio LIANG because of these Chinese businessman. The first settlers of the barrio are tagalogs.. They are peaceful and industrious according to the elders of those times. In the year 1788 thru the leadership of Don Isidro Crisostomo and Don Tomas Leoncio, they constructed a new bridge to replace the old one to give way to large boats and vessels passing thru the bridge carrying various trades, like oil. When the second district of Malolos was created, which is Barasoain, the second Gobernadorcillo of the newly created district is a son of Liang, Leon Sebastian de Belen. This started the practice of transferring leadership to the other well-known residents of those times. they also have the practice of hearing mass and afterwards. they all go to the convent of the Parish Priest to pay their respect by kissing his hand. The following sons of Liang served the district competently and dedicated they are. Liang then became the center of trade and business during those times in Malolos. Most of the rice mills are situated there, so almost the whole town of Malolos brings their Palay harvest there to be milled into rice. But in the year 1884 a tragic event took place. A large fire that swept thru San Gabriel, San Augustine and Caingin wipe away all those rice mills and business establishments.. And after the Spanish rule in 1888, the barrio residents engaged in other type of business after the fire gutted almost all of the existing rice mills. In those times the population of the barrio is 582 in 1883. The last Municipal Captain is Don Severino Cruz who finished his term during the Spanish regime. He is also a son of Liang. On July 22, 1899, General Macarthur granted amnesty to the rebels and in February, 1900. Captain Cook implemented General Order no 43 satisfy that the amount of Php 30.00 will be paid to anyone who will surrender his firearm. During this implementation, a certain American soldier named KALABOS, an abusive one, was killed by a brave native of Liang near the foot of the bridge.



Leoncia T. De Belen -Barangay Captain


    • Arnaldo C. Estrella
    • Edgardo G. Cruz, Jr.
    • Sandra Natividad V. Gallardo
    • Federico P. Reyes
    • Cynthia S. Tolentino
    • Carlito DL. Belen
    • Richard C. Robles




  • 1,575 as of 2007 Source: NSO Census of Population, 2007