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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Barangay Ligas

Map of Barangay LigasA. HISTORY


Ligas is on the most northern part of Malolos. It comprises almost 60 percent of the land area of rice lands the reason why the main livelihood of the inhabitants is farming. As of this writing. There are around 400 families, consisting of 1,700 people living peacefully in the barrio. A large number of men and woman are gaining livelihood by employment, to different sectors of private and government enterprises, thus its economy is being enhanced by the talents of these residents. The youth also devote their time in their studies so that one day they will also be part of the economic progress of their barrio. Ligas came from the name of a tree along the forested area of the place. There are other trees with large branches and leaves which provide shelter to travelers. One day a beautiful woman on her way to their home rested under the Ligas tree. But a group of men saw her and abused her killed her too. Before she died, she reguested that she be buried in the place where she was found by residents. After a few days a strange event happened. The leaves of the tree Ligas became small and anyone who touch the tree feel uncomfortable due to itchiness all over his body. They thought the woman who was raped and killed is having her vengeance. The people of Ligas are also devoting their time to their spiritual development. They build a chapel with the Virgin delos Remedios as their patroness. Thru their devotion to the blessed virgin. They are successful in their endeavors and prosperity in their lives was obtained. They are very active and everyone is united in organizing spiritual and religious activities during its celebration of the fiesta every November 22 and during the Holy Week. Ligas continued to prosper in their economic and spiritual aspects of life.



Marcelo Santiago -Barangay Captain


    • Anastacia E. Camacho
    • Rodolfo M. Principe
    • Mariano H. Castro
    • Nhelio N. Hilario
    • Danilo M. Camua
    • Rafaelito E. Eusebio
    • Maria L. Clemente




  • 5,891 as of 2007 Source: NSO Census of Population, 2007


  • (044) 794-3966