Barangay Namayan


Map of Barangay Namayan

            Namayan is unique among other barangays of Malolos. Its history is different since its name was claimed not based on the usual stories told by elders, but it is written with the use of “uling” or charcoal.

            According to information gathered, there was a story about two brothers who came from “Sexmoan Kapampangan” who arrived in the town looking for “BAKAWAN tree”. They were Victor and Marcelo Matito. As they travel they come to a place inhabited by “BAKAWAN trees”. So they go back to their home and bring along their families, to Namayan and established residence there to concentrate on their new-found livelihood the bakawan. They started their living and start gathering Bakawan which they converted to Uling or charcoal. This process is usually done at night, when they spent the whole night burning bakawan trees and converted it to charcoal which they sold to the nearby barrios to earn their living. As time pass by, the population increased, and they also adopt the bakawan making charcoal as their livelihood also. It was common knowledge that charcoal making is done at night, so the residents are almost awoke up to the last hours of the night. Hence “Lamayan” The word was later pronounced as “NAMAYAN”. But due to the numerous residents that make the bakawan their chief livelihood. the tree slowly fades away, and so the charcoal making was put to a stop. So the residents turn their attention to some other means of living. And this is the wealth of their waters on the seas, where fish and other native products are abundant.

            And so life goes on for them, and they did not forget to put attention for their spiritual lives they established a chapel, Saint Sta. Lucia was their patron saint. The chapel served as their place to worship and center of their daily lives.



Lawrence Pinto - Barangay Captain


    • Armando L. Galang
    • Victoria M. Carlos
    • Reynaldo A. Natividad
    • Bernardita B. Galman
    • Fidelino A. Javier
    • Marvin A. Capule
    • Eduardo G. Dela Cruz




  • 856 as of 2007 Source: NSO Census of Population, 2007