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Sunday, June 16, 2019


 Republic of the Philippines
Province of Bulacan
City of Malolos

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Office of the City Mayor



            WHEREAS, the City of Malolos, due to its geographic location is always beset by catastrophe both natural and man-made. And these catastrophic events bring burdens to the Maloleños socially, economically and psychologically particularly the victims or the affected families.

            WHEREAS, Sec. 1 (d) of PD 1566 or “ Strengthening the Philippine Disaster Control Capability and establishing the National Program on Community Disaster Preparedness” states that responsibility for leadership rest on the City Mayor as Local Chief Executive;

            WHEREAS, Moreover, Sec. 1 (b) of PD 1566, expresses that each political and administrative subdivision of the country shall utilized all available resources in the area before asking for assistance from neighboring entities or higher authority; and sec 4 (c) of the same PD provides for the constitution of the City Disaster Coordinating Council, composition of membership and establishment of its center;

            WHEREAS, Likewise, Section 455 par. B (vii) of the Local Government Code of 1991 and Sec. 324 (d) amended by RA 8185 states that the Local Government Units shall adopt measures to protect its inhabitants from harmful effects of man-made or natural calamities and to provide relief services and assistance to victims during and in the aftermath disaster and in their return to productive livelihood after disaster events;

            WHEREAS, Administrative Order No. 10-01 – 2004 dated _________, 2001 reestablished the City Disaster Coordinating Council (CDCC) and reorganized the composition of the council to ensure protection of lives and properties during calamities;

            WHEREAS, there is essential need to further strengthen and reorganize the council to be more responsive to Maloleños;;

            WHEREAS, in order to highlight the efforts to strengthen the council, CDCC must be rename

            NOW, THEREFORE, I CHRISTIAN D. NATIVIDAD, Mayor of the City of Malolos, by virtue of the power vested in me by law, do hereby rename the City Disaster Coordinating Council (CDCC) to the City Disaster Management Council (CDMC) reorganize its composition, and establish function with the fallowing provision;

Section 1. COMPOSITION,           

Chairman City Mayor
Vice-Chairman & Action Office                                     Chief of Police, PNP-City of Malolos
Deputy Action Officer City Administrator
Deputized Executive Officer City Health Officer, Representative
Members 51 Barangay Disaster Coordinating Councils
  Chairman Committee on Agriculture-SP
  Chairman Committee on Peace and Order-SP
  Chairman Committee on Public Works-SP
  Chairman Committee on Environment-SP
  Chairman Committee on Women, Family, Social Service, SP
Private Sectors Civic and Professional Organizations
  Religious Sector
(STAFF COMPONENT)               Monitoring and Disaster Analysis             
Leader City Health Officer
Members City Engineer
  City Agriculturist
  City Information Officer
              Plans and Operations             
Leader City Administrator
Members City Health Officer
  City Planning & Development Coordinator
  City Fire Marshalls
            Communication and Warning             
Leader City Information Office
Members PNP
            Supplies and Transportation             
Leader City General Services Office
Members City Treasurer’s Office
  City Accounting Office
  City Budget Office
  City Civil Registrar’s Office
  City Training Employment Cooperative and Tourism Office
Leader Chief of Police, City of Malolos
Members Police Officers-PNP Malolos
  Security Personnel
(OPERATING TEAMS)               Warning             
Leader City Information Officer
Members Police Officers, City Of Malolos PNP
            Rescue and Evacuation             
Leader City Engineer
Members City General Services Office
  City Planning and development Coordinator
  City Population Officer
  City Legal Officer
  Civic Organization (Rescue Volunteer)
            Relief & Rehabilitation             
Leader City Social Welfare and Development Officer
Members City Treasurer
  City Engineer
  City Assessor
  City General Services Officer
  City Population Officer
  PNP-City of Malolos
            Medical Team             
Leader City Health Officer
Members Rural Health Physicians-RHU I-IV
            Fire Brigade             
Leader City Fire Marshall
Members City Budget Officer
Members Civic Organization (Volunteer)

Section 2. FUNCTION,

  1. CDMC
  1. Convene as often as necessary to effectively coordinate the effort on disaster preparedness emergency operations and recovery and rehabilitation activities.
  2. Call on the other departments, bureau, agencies, instrumentalities and corporation of government and the private sector for assistance in preparing for, reacting to and recovering from the effect of disaster and civil emergencies.
  3. Advice the Brgy. Disaster Coordinating Council (BDCCs) regarding disaster management.
  4. Promulgate its own manual of operation for the guidance of current and future members;
  5. Coordinate from the barangays disaster operations activities.
  6. Implement within the city the guidelines set by the RDCC/PDMC and submitted recommendations as necessary;
  7. Place the Barangay DCCs and its tasked units under the operational control of the CDMC during an emergency which affect the Baranggay.;
  8. All members of the council shall make available their personnel, facilities, and expertise effectively carry out the function of the Council. ;

The Council, in discharging its function shall utilize the facilities and services of the City Administrator which will be known as the City Disaster Operation Center (CDOC).

  1. Secretariat
  1. Coordinate the activities and functions of the various government agencies as instrumentalities and private institutions and civic organization to implement the policy set by the CDMC relative to disaster management.
  2. Prepare and disseminate disaster control manuals and other publications related measure on disaster prevention, control and mitigation: and
  3. Advice the Chairman on matters concerning disaster management;
  4. Prepare the agenda of the meeting and send notices to the members and representatives.
  5. Take note of proceedings and certify to it’s correctness for approval in the next meeting.
  6. Receive incoming communication and take custody of all disaster related documents.

Policy guidelines relative to sub committees and its function should be issued within thirty (30) days upon approval of this Order,

This Executive Order shall take effect immediately upon signing.

Done this July 13, 2010 in the City of Malolos, Bulacan.

City Mayor