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Sunday, June 16, 2019


Republic of the Philippines
Province of Bulacan
City of Malolos

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Office of the City Mayor



            WHEREAS, the City government of Malolos recognizes the rights and well being of Filipino Muslim in the City of Malolos with due regard to their beliefs, customs, traditions and institution, as well as to further ensure their contribution to city government goals and aspirations and to make them active participants in nation building.

            WHEREAS, preservation and development of the culture, traditions, institution and well being Muslims in Malolos, in conformity with the national and City Laws and ordinances and in consonance with national unity and development are found essential.

            WHEREAS, the city government deems it necessary to establish a coordinating and advisory body to the city government in the formulation of plans, programs and policies in order to promote the welfare, interest and well-being Filipino Muslim in the City of Malolos.

            Now, therefore, I CHRISTIAN D. NATIVIDAD, City Mayor of Malolos, Bulacan by virtue of the power vested in me, do hereby order the creation of Muslim Consultative Council their composition and function as fallows:


            The composition of the officer of the Muslim Consultative Council in the City of Malolos shall be determined by election through a general assembly or be attended by the members/representative from duly recognized and Sangguniang Panglungsod accredited Muslim organization in the City of Malolos.

CHAIRMANJUN M. BISTON260 Valencia St., City of Malolos
SECRETARY MONTASAR B. BALANG San Vicente, City of Malolos
TREASURER DIAMOND T. YAHYA Sto. Niño, City of Malolos
MEMBERS 1. MOHAMMAD P. ABAS 23 Paraluman St., Caniogan
  2. OMENSALAM A. ARIP Sto Niño, City of Malolos
  3. OMAR S. IMAM Dupax, San Vicente, City of Malolos
  4. ANSARI L. SAROSONG Lucero St., San Vicente, Malolos City
  5. FAISAL B. ALI Paraluman St., Caniogan, Malolos City
  6. SOLAIMAN M. MANONGCARONG Paraluman St., Caniogan, Malolos City
  7. ACMAD P. ABDULLAH Crisostomo St., San Vicente, Malolos City
  8. FAISAL B. BARAONTONG Lot 9 Blk 1 Paraluman St., Caniogan
  9. CEZAR MARMAYA Dupax, San Vicente, City of Malolos
  10. MUHAIMEN S. PANGANDAMAN San Vicente, City of Malolos


  1. Provide advise and assistance to the City mayor in the formulation, coordination, implementation and monitoring of policies, plans, programs, and project affecting Muslim Filipinos in the City of Malolos, when so authorized, represent the City Mayor on matters concerning Muslim Filipinos, serve as link between the City Mayor and public or private agencies, internal or external, involved in such programs such affirmative action as may be necessary for their efficient and effective implementation
  2. Act in behalf of Muslim Filipinos in the City of Malolos in seeking government assistance and redress: serve as the medium through which such assistance may be extended to Muslim Filipino in Malolos.
  3. Enter, subject to existing national and city laws, ordinances, policies and guidelines, into such contracts, agreements or arrangements with the government or private agencies or entities as may be necessary to attain the objective of the council
  4. Assess grants, donation, gift, funds, and/or properties in whatever form and from whatever source in coordination with the appropriate agencies, for the benefit of the Muslim Filipinos in the City of Malolos and administer the same in accordance with terms thereof, or in absence of any condition in such manner consistent with the interest of Muslim Filipinos in Malolos as well as existing national and city laws and ordinances.
  5. Certify, whenever appropriate, together with the corresponding Barangay Certification membership of persons in Muslim Communities for purposes of establishing qualifications for specific requirements of government and private agencies or for benefits as may be provided by law.

            IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I HAVE HEREUNTO SET MY HAND AND SEAL THIS 21TH DAY OF March 2011, in the City of Malolos, Bulacan

 City Mayor