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Thursday, June 27, 2019

Malolos Highlights


1580 Malolos was founded by the Augustinians under the direction of Fray Diego Ordoñez de Vivar.

1854 Malolos was divided into three districts; Malolos, Barasoain and Sta. Isabel.

February 7, 1859 By Superior Decree the three districts - Malolos, Barasoain and Sta. Isabel were created into municipalities with respective capitanes municipals.

1888 & 1892 Rizal visited Malolos (at Don Tomas Tanchanco's house).

1899 Gen. Isidro Torres appointed Jose Reyes Tiongson as head for Malolos, Paulino Reyes for Barasoain, and Antonio Catoco for Sta. Isabel.

February 1900 Captain Provost Cook appointed Antonio Chiong as municipal president of Malolos, Pedro del Rosario and Pio Gatchalian, municipal president and vice president respectively for Barasoain, and Damian Aldaba and Ruperto Lazaro, municipal president and vice president for Sta. Isabel.

February 1901 The American Military Administration appointed Casimiro Buendia (resigned and replaced by Graciano Reyes with Eladio Adriano as vice president) for Malolos, Pio Gatchalian for Barasoain, and Clemente Estrella for Sta. Isabel.

February 27, 1901 By virtue of Public Law No. 88 of the Philippine Commission, Malolos became the capital of the province of Bulacan.

1903 Integration of three districts to Malolos.

December 18, 1999 Plebiscite conducted for the ratification of the conversion of the municipality of Malolos into a component city.

October 08, 2001 Promulgation of Second Division of COMELEC’s Resolution No. EPC 99-2 granting the protest impugning the results of the plebiscite.