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Sunday, February 17, 2019

City Assessor Office


Provision of a well-balanced real property appraisal relative to fair and realistic property valuation.

Establishment of a system in giving prompt and accurate information to public through the application of information technology.

To undergo assessment effort in the best interest of the public service.

To conduct periodic campaign for education information and collection of real property tax in the city.

To build a work force in ensuring fulfillment of our duties and responsibilities to the people.


To have proper, efficient and effective administration of real property tax.

To establish high level morale, service through honesty, dedication and integrity to work.

To minimize delinquent tax payers.

To effectively implement rules and regulations prescribed by Department of Finance, Local Government Code and PD 464 on Real Property Taxation.


Leonora Resolis - Department Head

Dominga S. Ladia - Assistant Department Head

Personal Staff

    • Mylene T. Francisco
    • Virgilio C. Flores Jr.
    • Roberto S. Manahan

Catalino B. Surio - Assessment Records Management Division Office

Lydia A. Marquez - Tax Mapping Division Office

 - Appraisal and Assessment Division Office

Contact Details :
+(044) 791-3473