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Sunday, February 17, 2019

City Health Office


Ensure accessibility and quality of health care to improve the quality of life of all Filipinos.

Specific Goals: The health and nutrition of vulnerable groups must be prioritized. The epidemiological shift from infection to degenerative diseases must be managed. The performance of the healthy sectors must be enhanced.

Setting the Targets: Improve the general health status of the population:

  1. Reduce infant mortality rate
  2. Reduce maternal mortality rate
  3. Increase life expectancy and quality of life
  4. Reduce morbidity, mortality, disability and complications of the following:
    1. Diarrhea
    2. Pneumonia
    3. Tuberculosis
    4. Heart diseases
    5. Diabetes
    6. Asthma
    7. Cancer
    8. Skin diseases
  5. Eliminate
    1. Rabies
    2. Vaccine preventable diseases
    3. Vitamin A deficiencies
  6. Promote healthy lifestyle
    1. Healthy diet and nutrition
    2. Physical activities and fitness
    3. Personal hygiene
    4. Avoid smoking
    5. Regulate alcohol intake
  7. Promote environmental health
    1. Healthy house
    2. Healthy school
    3. Healthy workplace
    4. Healthy community
    5. Zero-waste
  8. Support curative and rehabilitative treatment
    1. Secondary and tertiary care
    2. Drug and mental rehabilitation


Health for all Filipinos.


Dr. Victor Antonino R. Batanes - Department Head

Dr. Irene P. Ambalada -

Ma. Solita P. Zuñiga - Administrative Staff

Dr. Rodolfo R. Paguia - Dental Services Division

Evangeline F. Paguntalan - Nutrition Services Division

Jose Eric G. Soriano - Environment Health and Sanitation Services Division

Jonathan C. Agustin - Psycho-Social and Emergency Services Division

Dr. Eva L. Aves - RHU I Services Division

Dr. Minerva B. Santos - RHU II Services Division

Dr. Ma. Corazon L. Eugenio - RHU III Services Division

Dr. Frederick Cezar Ireneo T. Villano - RHU IV Services Division

                                                  - RHU V Services Division

Dr. Ma. Luisa F. Reyes - RHU VI Services Division

                                                  - RHU VII Services Division

Contact Details :
+(044) 791-2449