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Sunday, February 17, 2019

City Training Employment & Cooperative Office

MISSION (Training and Employment)

To make available all relevant skills trainings ang employment opportunities and be able to deliver them most especialy for our needy constituents in the most affordable beneficial and convinient manner.

MISSION (Cooperative)

The City Cooperative Office is committed to serve the various primary cooperatives through the effective and efficient delivery of related services in response to the basic needs of their members and the community, thus assisting in improving the quality of life of a large sector of the constituents of Malolos.

VISION (Training and Employment)

A citizenry adequately equipped with technical skills and knowledge capable of responding to the call or needs of the local community as well as to global requirements, thus creating learning job opportunities for a better quality of life of the citizenry.

VISION (Cooperative)

A humane society with improved quality of life through cooperative principles and dedicated service endowed with morale, spiritual, and religious intent towards total integral human and community development.


Mr. Ravenal S. Ramos - Department Head

Admin Staff

    • Cherry D. Mendoza - Administrative Assistant II

Ma. Rency M. Perlas - Training Division Office

Marrianne M. Mendoza -  Employment Division Office

Mellany D. Catanghal - Cooperative Development Division Office

Contact Details :
+(044) 796-4116
+(044) 794-3630 (Malolos Training Center)