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Monday, May 20, 2019

Mayor Christian D. Natividad


NUMBER: 044-796-1126

PUBLIC SERVICE RECORD: Mula Hulyo, 2010 hanggang Kasalukuyan


  • 2007 - Far Eastern University, Institute of Law - Manila
       Bachelor of Laws
  • 1994-1998 - University of Santo Tomas – Espana, Manila
       Bachelor of Science in Commerce Major in Business Administration
  • 1990-1994 - Immaculate Conception School for Boys - Malolos, Bulacan
  • 1984-1990 - Hoy Spirit Academy of Malolos

    Christian D. Natividad, our nominee for youth leadership is a young achiever, aggressive, action oriented, independent, strong willed and passionate. He is the son of former Assemblyman and NAPOLCOM Chief Teodulo Natividad and Matilde Dionisio, a teacher. Son of an illustrious national figure, people expect him to be rich, and spoiled but on the contrary, Christian being an illegitimate child faced extreme hardships at an age when he should have been enjoying himself. At age 19, with the untimely death of his father, he saw his mother cry because she only has P 65 in her wallet. The incident turned the boy into a man. With no one to depend on, he vowed to himself, his mother will not cry again; that no matter what, their lives will improve for the better. To provide for himself, his brother and mother he waited on tables, played in bands, taught part time in College and sold encyclopedias.. In high school, he was an active officer of the Student Council. Later, at 18, he was appointed as a Sangguniang Kabataan Chairman and implemented activities on sports, health and environment that received recognitions and earned for him respect from the community. What was amazing was that with sheer determination and courage he was able to turn adversity into opportunity all by himself. As one of the prime movers of KAPANALIG ( Kabataang Panlalawigan na Nagkakaisa Laban sa Ipinagbabawal na Gamot ), his firm stand against illegal drugs was recognized by the PNP on 1998. With his accomplishments, he slowly ceased to be in the shadows of his Dad. Natividad or No Natividad, Maloleños, especially the young people started to trust and believe in him. His 16 years in school, community, city and provincial government as a young leader has amply prepared him for his job as Mayor.Today, he is one of the province’s most dynamic and progressive young leaders.


    As a young leader, he has pursued the Mayorship with even greater zeal and idealism. In addition to his many accomplishments as Mayor which we will no longer enumerate in this document, he has strongly given priority to programs that will benefit and involve the youth as follows:

    Three new public high schools were opened to address the high drop-out rate in the city (number 1 in Region 3 and number 6 in the country). The high schools were constructed in strategic places of Barangay Bungahan,Stma. Trinidad & Bangkal because one reason why drop-out rate is high is the expensive transportation fares which the parents cannot afford. Today, there are 1593 students enrolled in these new high schools. In addition two new elementary schools and 4 new day care centers were also constructed. Only 8 barangays out of 51 remained to be without elementary schools.

    Educated youth are the future of the city, thus, Christian invested P11 million for the scholarships of 6,000 students. Scholarships are tailor made to the needs and situations of these people. Before, there were only 500 scholars.

    His early campaign against illegal drugs as one of the prime movers of KAPANALIG was pursued even better when Christian became Mayor. Beyond education campaigns, Christian together with PNP and PDEA personnel raided a drug warehouse and chemicals used in making shabu were seized. Christian then met subdivision owners to closely monitor suspicious looking tenants in these subdivisions. All these in pursuit of people involved in illegal drugs to protect the population especially young people.

    Christian supported young athletes from the public elementary schools in the city who won third prize in the recently concluded Central Luzon Region Athletic Meet where eighteen cities participated in the competition. In addition, Christian funded many sport events like Milo Basketball Clinic, Taekwondo, Softball, believing that sports will contribute to the wholistic development of young people.

    One hundred seventy five (175 ) students mostly young people earned during summer and were exposed to the working environment under the Special Program for the Employment of Students. P700,000 was allocated for this by the City Government. In return, the beneficiaries joined Brigada Eskwela where they helped clean the Malolos Central School and planted trees in the city. In addition 500 young people were given trainings on computer operations and repair in preparation for their job applications.


    At age six, he already knew he would be Mayor. He and his classmates were asked to draw what they want to be and he drew a man on stage making gestures in the podium. Ms. Maclang, his Grade I teacher asked him, what the drawing meant, and he answered confidently, “I want to be Mayor.”

    Twenty six years later, his candid pronouncement came true. It was not an easy path, he had much preparations. He first became an active officer of the Student Council in his high school. Later, he was elected in the Sanguniang Kabataan at age 18 where he implemented projects that take care of the environment, sports and health that won many recognition and earned for him respect from the community. His concern for the youth was obvious when he chaired the Province’s Kabataang Panlalawigan na Nagkakaisa Laban sa Ipinagbabawal na Gamot (KAPANALIG). KAPANALIG was an innovative program on the prevention of the use of illegal drugs. Because of this program, people notice the courage of this young man and in 1998 rhe Philippine National Police gave him an award.

    There is no stopping this young man who later became the youngest Municipal Councilor at age 20 in the City of Malolos. He was the youngest at that in the 1998 and 2001 elections, both of which he was elected Number 1. As a young legislator in the Municipal Council, Christian distinguished himself with 65 resolutions and 5 ordinances oI Youth Empowerment Education, Peace and Order, Curfew, Measuring Regulating Computer and Video Shops and Economic



    When his father died in 1997, he supported himself and his brother to school. He sold encyclopedias, joined bands, waited on tables and taught in one of the schools in Manila. But the pull of government service was truly in his blood he was elected Number1 Board Member for the First District of Bulacan at age 29 in 2007. Despite his youth, his much older colleagues trusted him to Chair the Committee on Education,Committee on Transportation and Public Utilities and Committee on Legislative Backstopping. During his term as Board Member, he has written and sponsored around 200 resolutions and ordinances. He was also appointed as Co-Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the provincial owned Bulacan Polytechnic College where during his term had added 3 campuses in the province. He has also supported, together with Gov. Jonjon Mendoza the opening of the Guiguinto Hospital. His destiny was fulfilled in 2010 when at age 33, he won as the Mayor of Malolos by a landslide vote defeating wealthy opponents – one Vice President of PLDT and the other a former executive of DPWH.

    Mayor Natividad often admits he started from scratch. When his father died he was only 19. and his mother only had P 65.00 in her wallet. Instead of succumbing to the painful realities of life - being young, only a student then only one physically capable of supporting his brother’s schooling and his mother he vowed his life will be different, that he will not give up, and work hard to pursue his dreams.

    The Mayor’s experience as a SURVIVOR and a RISK TAKER has honed his leadership skills at a very young age. He is not easily daunted with problems and lack of resources which is an asset when public service is concerned.

    One thing, very admirable with him is his vision, he wanted to bring back the glory days of Malolos when it was the seat of democracy, culture, history, education and a very prosperous place.

    Mayor Christian WALKS THE TALK. Being young, agile and physically fit, he is able to brave the hot sun and the elements and go where the people are. He visits the sick, some with communicable diseases and acts on their needs on the spot. He likes having dialogues with the young people listening to the young as they express their need for scholarships, sports equipment, livelihood training, medical needs and requests for financial assistance.

    More than the financial assistance, medicines, wheel chairs, sports equipment he brings with him in the villages, Christian has become a symbol of HOPE for many poor helpless people. The malnourished children get their due shares. In addition to the Information and education training given to their parents, they get a monthly ration of milk until such time they gain normal weight. Christian considers the package of assistance given to the young as Investments for the future as he believes children are our future. The visits in the barangays had strengthened the SK as they see for themselves what governance is. They mobilize the youth in their place to identify what project they want which they can present to Christian. In the process, they get involved in the development of the community. The youth of Barangay Liang handled the sports festival in the fiesta celebration while that of Barangay Santor and Ligas managed Marian Exhibits this year.