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Thursday, June 27, 2019

Feasts and Festivals




        • Singkaban Festival (Sining at Kalinangan ng Bulacan), a festival of arts and culture in honor of Capitol's patron saint, "Our Lady of Victory", showcasing the traditional arts of "Balagtasan," "Kundiman" and folk dances amidst of the "Singkaban" arches. The festival is celebrated in every second week of September which is in conjunction with the "Linggo ng Bulacan". Linggo ng Bulacan (Held during September 8–15), A province-wide, week-long celebration consisting of various colourful cultural presentations, art and culinary exhibits, arts and skills contests, and the prestigious annual Dangal ng Lipi Awards Night. Yearly, its activities vary depending upon the chosen theme for the year.This festival is named after the special "BAMBOO ART" abundantly known to the Bulacan province especially in Malolos and Hagonoy where Singkaban Art originated.



      • Sto Niño de Malolos Festival – This is held during the last Sunday of January, The biggest and largest expression of devotion to the Holy Child Jesus in the Luzon island, celebrated every last Sunday of January. The festivities begin with an exhibit of "Santo Niño" (Holy Child) and culminate in a grand procession of hundreds of folk, antique and new statues of the Holy Child in different depictions.The highlight of this festival is the hundred year-old antique miraculous image of Senor Sto Nino de Malolos.




      • Pista ng Barihan – held annually on Trinity Sunday, it is commonly called Pista ng Santisima Trinidad because the barangays of Santisima Trinidad and Pinagbakahan were once annexed to Barangay Barihan.This fiesta started since 19th century,where thousands of people attending this fiesta to pray for petition and wishes also to view the procession of three,miraculous and highly-venerated antique icons of the Holy Trinity, together with other holy images from across the province.





      • Santa Cruzan – (Held during May 1-31)Flores de Mayo (English: "Flowers of May") is a Catholic and Aglipayan festival held in the Philippines in the month of May. Lasting for a month, it is held in honor of the Virgin Mary. The Santacruzan refers to the pageant on the last day of Flores de Mayo, held in honour of Helena (known as Reyna Elena) and Constantine finding the True Cross in Jerusalem.






      • Pabukang Puso – held every 19 March in Panasahan, commemorates the death of St. Joseph the Worker, Foster-father of Jesus. It is annually held at the front house of Roxas clan in Panasahan, whose patriach, Valentin Roxas, started it in 1975. This tradition still continue until present day where the younger generations of the clan organising it.






      • Pag-akyat Festival – one of the celebrated feasts in the city, held in Barangay Atlag.